Chronic diseases are increasing rapidly throughout the country. Disease management is a system of synchronized health care intervention and communication for people with conditions in which self-care efforts are important. Scientific & technological trends in the healthcare industry have shown tremendous potential in personalized medication and treatment. Healthcare innovations have revealed how local challenges can be addressed by cost & accessibility management. Overall objective of disease management program is to enhance healthcare value equation given as under:

Healthcare Value = Treatment Outcome + Patient Satisfaction
Cost of Treatment & Follow-up care

Disease Management aims at following key results:
  • Ease in patient care co-ordination
  • Improved clinical results
  • Reduced medical expenditure
  • Enhanced patient satisfaction

We at Surgery Guru India bridge the gap between chronic care and preventive lifestyle condition screening. Our personalized disease management program address issues like therapy compliance, ailment specific prevention & awareness programs and management of chronic diseases. We use proprietary tools to identify risks and using evidence-based treatment protocols in decision making which is critical to the success of disease management program. Kindly email us at or call us on 91-86985-38307, +91-98223-07655 for more information.